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Vocab Shot List

Here's my first take at making the vocabulary shot list. Two issues I had were getting the pictures to appear clear and the video wouldn't post to Youtube.


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Cherokee Museum VR Tour

Check This Out!!! My classmates and I created a Virtual Reality Tour for the Cherokee County History and Arts Museum right here in Gaffney SC!

Video Resume Shotlist

I want to have my video resume held in one of the press boxes that way it resembles the work setting I'm going for. If I can't do it there I'll ask my boss Mikey or Ernest if I can do it in their office. I would give a short bio about myself; where I'm from, my history in sports, why I chose Limestone. Then I would have a friend ask me questions.

  • What are my plans after graduation?
  • Talk about school. Why did I choose Communications? Do I want to do grad school?
  • What kind of work experience do I have?
  • Am I comfortable moving for work?
  • Why did I choose broadcasting?
  • How are my social skills?
  • What are some of my hobbies and goals?
  • Outside work that I've done such as CELP, missions trips, volunteering in the community.
  • Talk about where I want to be in 10 years.

The State of VR 2019

Personally I had used VR when it was first coming out on the Playstation 4 back in October of 2016. While it was very exciting then, what it has become now is a new ballgame. VR isn't just for video games as I believed it was first intended, but rather has stepped into a lot of different aspects. Now there are VR Worlds which doesn't restrict you to one setting, but offers an everyday life experiences. For VR it has a headset that allows you to look 360 at all the details around you. When I personally tried it I chose a balloon ride to space which was breathtaking. Of course there wasn't much to see, but I had never seen the Earth from that angle.

Augmented Reality has also made its way into the gaming world. AR replaces your physical reality with a form of digital media. Ashley said it best when he commented about Pokemon Go being a recent big hit in the AR field. You can interact with AR and it'll only continue to get better.

Interview and Camera Tips

Interview Tips

  • Have knowledge of your speaker. Know topics they can and can't talk about.
  • Let them create a story with their personal opinions or experiences.
  • Make them feel comfortable. Have good questions that keep them engaged.
  • Have them talking to you, not the camera.
Camera Tips

  • Defuse your lighting.
  • Have nose room, head room, no space above head. Eyes should be 2/3 from the bottom of screen. Make sure hands don't have too much movement.
  • Have a creative and proper background.

  • Key Light: brightest light that adds drama
  • Fill Light: adds to the key light's shadow
  • Back Light: lights up the back of your speaker. Separates them from the background.

Monday, January 28, 2019


What is Machinima? It's a video producing company who use and manipulate video games to create animation. They also feature articles and content about film and technology. Usually used in video games and Youtube.

Updated Vocab Shot List

Here's an updated vocabulary shot list. Shout to my roommate Sewell for being my model! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7RtISOdOsw ...